Horizontal Therapy

The following are some frequently asked questions from patients receiving Horizontal Therapy. The short answers summarize the more in depth explanation that follows. Give me a call if you would like to learn more.

What is Horizontal therapy? A powerful treatment option for pain. Horizontal Therapy is a new, very specialized form of pain therapy that uses bioelectricity for pain management and circulatory disorders. It is similar to electrical stimulation therapy, such as found in TENS devices. Like TENS, mild electrical impulses are sent into the patient’s body during the treatment to influence the human body’s functions.

Can I Benefit from Horizontal Therapy? Most pain patients experience benefits from Horizontal Therapy Any patient that experiences chronic pain and /or suffers from a circulatory disorder may benefit from treatment with Horizontal Therapy. Patients beginning a treatment course with Horizontal Therapy often experience significant benefits within the first three treatment sessions. Although results can vary depending on the patient’s condition, Horizontal Therapy has often proved effective as an alternative treatment when other treatment options have failed.

How does Horizontal Therapy fit into my total therapy regiment? Horizontal Therapy works with existing therapies to create better results. Horizontal Therapy is a complete approach to improving health by providing four major benefits to the patient suffering from chronic pain and/or circulatory disorders:

  1. Instant Temporary Pain Relief. Horizontal Therapy’s powerful therapy treatments can provide that crucial first step for patient recovery: breaking the pain cycle. Similar to pharmaceutical based pain medications, Horizontal Therapy can provide immediate, temporary pain relief to the patient.
  2. Improve the Condition. Through successive treatments , Horizontal Therapy acts on the cause of the condition to provide improvement in the condition and deliver long – term relief to the patient.
  3. Rehabilitate Muscles. Horizontal Therapy can strengthen muscles in patients that have not been active due to a painful condition.
  4. Provide Maintenance Therapy. Sometimes a patient’s condition is so severe that the ultimate goal of therapy is to decrease pain to a manageable level. After reducing a patient’s pain level, Horizontal Therapy can provide follow-up treatments that can sustain an achieved improvement in a patient’s condition.

Is Horizontal Therapy like tens? Horizontal Therapy is more advanced than any other electromedical unit. Although Horizontal Therapy uses electricity like TENS-units, muscle stimulators , or interferential machines, Horizontal Therapy delivers a distinctly different therapy form to produce superior results. Unlike other forms of electrotherapy that can only produce effects from one of two known classes of treatment at a time, Horizontal therapy can deliver treatment effects from both classes simultaneously at the treatment site. This patented mechanism gives Horizontal Therapy the ability to help patients in ways no other device can.

How Does Horizontal Therapy Work? Horizontal Therapy uses electricity to initiate your body’s natural functions . The human body operates on a combination of electrical and chemical processes. Current western medicine relies heavily on the use of pharmaceutical drugs to treat a wide variety of ailments. Drugs are chemical based and influence the body chemically. However, the chemical reactions of drugs also create electrical effects in the human body. Horizontal Therapy works in a similar way, but it directly uses electricity to affect electrical and chemical processes in the body. No other form of bioelectric therapy can influence both electrical and chemical processes at the same time at the same treatment area giving Horizontal Therapy a distinct advantage over other bioelectric therapies. Just as a pharmacy has many different drugs to treat different ailments, Horizontal Therapy has different electrical signals to influence the body in order to treat a wide range of ailments. Horizontal Therapy is not only highly effective at treating a variety of ailments it also has virtually no negative side effects. Your physician therefore has the ability to choose the best treatment options to achieve the best results while minimizing negative side effects that may occur with certain pharmaceutical products.